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If you would like to make a public comment related to an agenda item at a Board Meeting, please submit your comment prior to the Board Meeting by email at    

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Jonhstonville Elementary School is looking for Board Members.
The person appointed to fill the vacancy shall hold office for two years and then run in the next regularly-scheduled election for School Board members in November 2020.
The primary functions of the School Board are to:
1.         Set the District’s Goals and Long-Term Direction
2.         Establish an effective and efficient structure for the school district, by:
  • Employing the superintendent
  • Overseeing the development of policies
  • Adopting the curriculum
  • Establishing a budget priorities and adopting a budget
  • Providing direction and adopting collective bargaining agreements
3.         Provide support through its behavior and actions by:
  • Modeling the beliefs and vision of the district
  • Upholding district policies
  • Ensuring a positive personnel climate
  • Being knowledgeable enough about district efforts to explain them to the public
4.         Ensure accountability to the public by:
  • Evaluating the superintendent and setting policy for the evaluation of other personnel
  • Monitoring and revising policies
  • Serving as a judicial and appeals body
  • Monitoring student achievement
5.         Acting as community leaders
Please review the questions in the link below and submit your answers and brief resume to the Johnstonville Elementary School District located at 704-795 Bangham Lane, Susanville, CA  96130.
If you have any questions, please contact Tawnya Merrill at Johnstonville Elementary School. 

Board President - james vincent
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Board Vice President - Bobbie kirkpatrick
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Board Clerk - Michelle davenport
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board member - Mitchell murphy
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Board Member - cera capron
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2018-2024 Board MEETING Agendas
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2017-2024 Board Meeting Minutes
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