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Johnstonville Elementary School is an independent public school and district (K-8) located four miles east of Susanville, CA. It is located on a beautiful campus and has the latest technology and security of a modern but rural school. The enrollment consists of 225 elementary students in grades kindergarten through eighth. Johnstonville has a diverse socio-economic student representation.  Johnstonville Elementary School has an excellent reputation throughout the county with more than 40 percent of the students attending Johnstonville as interdistrict transfer students.  Utlimately parents within our area have made Johnstonville their choice for their child's education!

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Parents are an important part of a child's education and are our students first teachers. Johnstonville has many opportunities for parents and community members to serve the school as classroom volunteers and mentor readers.  Parents are asked to work together in order to provide academic, social, and emotional opportunities for all students. Parents can also be elected by their peers for membership on the School Site Council.  School Site Council meets quarterly and works to improve the instructional program through data analysis including the implementation of the school's Single Plan for Student Achievement and the Local Control Accountability Plan.  Johnstonville Elementary School also has an active Parent, Teacher, Student Association. 

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We have updated our technology systems, to better assist our students and staff with their educational goals. These tools provide access to properly assess where students need assisstance which will allow our students the ability to excel.  The campus has a fully equipped computer lab, a mini computer lab and two portable labs to assist students with their learning.  Our campus has an up to date security system to provide maximum safety and security for our staff and students. These inovations include state of the art security cameras and campus wide PA systems.