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Interdistrict Transfers

Information regarding Interdistrict Transfers

1. Beginning May 1st of each year the district will begin accepting and processing interdistrict transfer requests for the following school year.
A. The reasons for which the district my approve a transfer request:
  • Student enrolled or accepted in a program not available in the district of residence;
  • To meet the student’s special mental, physical, educational, health, or safety needs as certified by a physician, school psychologist, or other appropriate school, medical, or law enforcement personnel;
  • When recommended by the School Attendance Review Board (SARB), county child welfare, probation, or a social service agency in documented cases of serious home or community issues that make it inadvisable for the student to attend in the district of residence;
  • When a student has brothers or sisters concurrently attending the same requested school;
  • When parent(s)/guardian(s) provide sufficient written evidence, as required by the district that the family will be moving to a new district within 60 days and would like the student to start the new year in the new district;
  • To allow a student to remain in his/her current school within two years of graduation or promotion from that school;
  • The student’s desire to remain in his/her school of current attendance for the balance of the semester or school year despite his/her parent’s or guardian’s change of address;
  • To address the childcare needs of the student in K-8.
  • When there are special circumstances for compelling educational or personal reasons beyond those stated above, the request will be referred to the Superintendent or Designee for a final decision. If the student moves out of the district of residence into another district, the parent/student must reapply for a new interdistrict transfer permit (ITP).
B. The reasons for which the district may deny a transfer request:
  • If school facilities cannot accommodate additional students and/or are overcrowded at the relevant grade level;
  • Transfer would negatively impact desegregation plans;
  • Transfer would require the school district to create a new program to serve the student (except that the district may not deny a student with disabilities or an English Learner);
  • As outlined in California Education Code 48307
  • Any other consideration so long as it is not arbitrary.
    Written notice of the denial of an ITP shall be provided by the district denying the request within thirty (30) calendar days. Written notice of the denial of an IPT shall, in all instances, advise the parent/guardian of the student whose ITP has been denied of all information required by Education Code section 46601.
All notices to parents/guardians regarding the district’s decision on any request for interdistrict transfer shall conform to the translation requirements of Education Code 48985, and may be provided by regular mail, electronic format if the parent/guardian provides and email address, or by any other method normally used to communicate with the parents/guardians in writing. (Education Code 46600.2)
3. A parent/student must exhaust all appeals within the district before he/she may appeal the denial of an interdistrict transfer to the County Board of Education Code section 46601. Parents/guardians may submit their appeal to the County Board within 30 days of the district’s final denial of the permit. The County Board then has 30 days, unless extended by an additional five days school days for good cause, to make its determination as to whether the student should be allowed to attend the district of proposed enrollment and the applicable period of attendance.
  • Students who are under consideration for expulsion or who have been expelled may not appeal interdistrict attendance denials or rescission while expulsion proceedings are pending or during the term of the expulsion. (Education Code 46601)
4. If the appeal is not received within 15 calendar days it shall be deemed an abandonment of the request.

5. Applicable timelines for processing a request, including the following statements:
  • For an interdistrict transfer request received by the district 15 or fewer calendar days before the commencement of instruction in the school year for which the transfer is sought, the district will notify the parent/guardian of its final decision within 30 calendar days from the date the request was received.
  • For an interdistrict transfer request by the district more than 15 days before the commencement of instruction in the school year for which the interdistrict transfer is sought, the district will notify the parents/guardian of its final decision as soon as possible, but no later than 14 calendar days after the commencement of instruction in the school year for which transfer is sought.
6. Terms for revocation of an ITP: Except as otherwise limited herein, the Parties agree that an ITP may be revoked before the conclusion of the school year based upon the following reason:
  • If a student does not maintain a 95% attendance rate and/or a SART or SARB has been held;
  • If a student does not maintain a 2.0 GPA on grades 4-8 or earns a D in a core subject area;
  • If a student has any ongoing discipline including suspension;
  • If a student is recommended for expulsion; or
  • If it determined that information provided to support an ITP application is inaccurate, invalid, falsified, or no longer applies.