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Distance Learning

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Make sure students are using their "" Google Accounts. Don't forget there is an "sd" after "johnstonville". This is a common error made. 

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Please make sure you are using ClassDojo to contact your child's teacher. This is our primary form of communication. 

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Unfortunately, as of 4/14/2020, we have not been able to secure hotspots for internet access at home. However, there are a couple of options: 

  • The school internet reaches the parking lots. You are welcome to park in the parking lot and use the school internet. If you have checked out a Chromebook, the device will automatically connect to the internet. Please contact your child's teacher if you would be using a different device. 
  • Most smart phones offer a "hotspot" through cellular data. 
We will continue to work on internet connections for families who need one. 

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